ZapCityFilms started as a dream that grew into a reality - a dream of making movies. S. Hamza Ahmad founded ZapCityFilms 2010 when he started his professional career focused on producing short and feature films. In 2015, ZapCityFilms branched out into corporate video production, producing cinematic quality video for clients and expanding their brands. Based in Harrisburg, PA, ZapCityFilms specializes in Film and Video production and post-production services, including cinematography, editing, color correction and 2D & 3D Visual Effects (VFX).


S. Hamza Ahmad

Founder • Cinematographer • Editor • Producer

Hamza has been involved in the film industry for over 6 years now. What began as a curiosity flourished when Hamza decided to start a film club in at Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg, PA. Since then, he has continued to grow his love for film and video production. After graduating from Hofstra University, he quickly wanted to start working on movies. Hamza shot and produced dozens of short films and in 2012 he produced Bridge and Tunnel (2014), his first feature film and has since worked on two more feature films - Pretendagers (2014) and (Romance) in the Digital Age (2017) and several dozen short films. In 2016, Hamza directed his first short film Moving On.

Hamza is super passionate about his work. In his free time, he likes to watch and write movies of all genres. He draws his inspiration from the works of David Fincher, Robert Zemeckis and Alfred Hitchcock.

Aahad Ahmad

3D Animator • Editor • Motion Graphics

Aahad took interest in animation when having watched Finding Nemo for the first time. He was baffled with the way artists could create an immersive yet entertaining visual experience. He loves how many different animators have created their own style of art. Aahad joined ZapCityFilms in 2016 as an assistant editor. As well as his editing skills, he is skilled in motion graphics and 3D animation. Recently, Aahad has worked on the 2017 feature film (Romance) in the Digital Age (2017) as a 3D artist. He has also worked on numerous short films as a 3D compositor, creating and compiling film and 3D elements. His passion comes from an interest in Video Games and that first time he saw Finding Nemo.