Visual Effects

Make your visual effects come to life.

Today, one of the most criticized part of films and videos are their Visual Effects. Anything that is sub-par becomes ridiculed by anyone and everyone. So what makes visual effects good or believable? Mostly it depends on the time committed to them. A VFX artist can spend hours on one effect vs months on another. The difficulty is determined by how the effect will be created. 

We take pride in the projects we complete. Especially ones with Visual Effects, as they take a ton of effort from our artists. We are experienced in 3D modelling with Blender, as well as compositing in Adobe's After Effects. Allowing us to combine both gives us a wide range of different effects we can pull off.


From simple animations such as lower thirds or title cards, to more interesting things such as 3D animation and info-graphics. We can do anything, no matter how difficult!

Element Addition

A very simple effect to  drop text and other elements into a scene. We can track scenes to allow the object to move in real time with the scene. This allows for some cool effects.

Green Screen

We can deliver great results with blue and green chroma keying, as well as frame-by-frame rotoscoping. 

Explosions / Particle Systems

We love working with particle systems to create explosions or other cool effects. We have experience using both 2D and 3D software for these. Particle Systems can really sell an effect because of the shear volume of objects it can animate.

Professional Service

Our productions are as professional as they come. We apply our years of experience to every project we work on and make sure you're happy every step of the way.

Quality Equipment

We utilize one of the best 4K cameras, cinema lenses, and movie set quality lighting on every production. 

Fast Turnarounds

With the ability to do all post production, including editing, sound design, vfx, and color correction in-house, we can deliver your projects lightning fast!